The Junk Cars For Cash Story. Cardinals logo on back of car.

Junk Cars For Cash was recently approached by VoyagerSTL, which is an online publication that states they are highlighting the most inspiring stories in St. Louis. The heart of their mission is to find amazing souls in St. Louis from all walks of life and all types of businesses to showcase their stories. They want…Continue Reading “VoyagerSTL Features Junk Cars For Cash In Their Publication”

man checking air pressure in his car

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or you’re on your fifth one, everyone can use a few car maintenance tips — especially when considering things like window tinting costs, upholstery repairs, or engine parts. In fact, a recent study found that within a group of 2,000 American car owners, about a quarter of them felt…Continue Reading “12 (Make That 17) Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Needs to Know”

How To Prepare Your Old Car For The Summer? Van on road.

Your car may find it challenging to deal with warm summer temperatures. The tires can expand, and your cooling system tends to work harder. The harsh sunlight can expedite the wear and tear of drive belts and hoses. However, with the correct preparations, you can reduce the damage summer brings to your vehicle. Learn how…Continue Reading “How To Prepare Your Old Car For The Summer In St. Louis?”

Has The Price For Junk Cars Increased Due To Covid-19

The biggest pandemic in the last century affected virtually every industry, including automotive recycling. At one point, when the virus spread rapidly across the globe for the first time, where all industries experienced an economic downturn. A lot has changed since then and many businesses have recovered. The supply and demand changed in many markets,…Continue Reading “Has The Price For Junk Cars Increased Due To Covid-19?”