9 Reasons Why A Good Photoshoot Is Needed To Sell Your Junk Cars

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A good photoshoot will help you sell your car.

Junk cars are usually those that are commissioned to a wrecking yard aka a junkyard or a scrapyard where they can be dismantled for their usable parts. Today we are going to talk about why you need a good photoshoot to sell your junk car.

However, instead of sending a junk car to the junkyard, you can make a decent amount of cash selling an old junk car. Of course, you can also sell it to a service that will take it to a junkyard. Not only is it good for the environment also, but you can end up saving a reasonable amount of space as well. A lot of companies and car-restoration junkies might pay you really well for your less-than-perfect car.

According to a recent study by The Balance Small Business, when it comes to retiring a car, around 80% of them can be recycled.

In fact, over 25 million tons of materials are recycled from old vehicles every year, making automobiles the most recycled consumer product in the world.

Furthermore, the car recycling industry is the 16th largest in the United States, employing well over 100,000 people with earnings exceeding $25 billion in a year.

With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at some of the best reasons why a good photoshoot can help you sell your junk car.

1. Capture All The Details

A picture speaks a thousand words, and many companies around the world that deal with the export or import of refurbished cars or second-hand cars would send their clients pictures of cars along with an inspection sheet to pique their interest.

Websites like Drom.ru which operate on a multinational level include pictures because they are self-explanatory and are able to capture the details required which can make someone interested in accepting an offer. While junk cars have way more deteriorated in their condition even then, a good photoshoot can increase their chances of being sold to the right buyer.

2. High-Quality Pictures Yield Better Results

The quality of the pictures makes all the difference. We are living in 2020, and yes while coronavirus may have jolted the lives of billions across the planet, still in this era even live streaming websites consider it a shame not to offer high-definition videos.

Take high-quality pictures.

The world is quickly moving to 4K and 8K visual outputs, and this means many online users and people are simply bemused when they receive poor-quality pictures. They ask questions like, didn’t they have the time or the resources to capture high-quality pictures, and I mean every smartphone these days is offering you at least 12-megapixel quality. How difficult can it be to get good-quality pictures in the current era?

3. Lighting And Timing Of The Day Is Important

If you have been an enthusiast for one in your life to pick up a DSLR camera or brush up on your photography skills, then you would know that natural lighting and picking the perfect time of the day to capture your images matter a lot.

The image looks the way it does because of the lighting and timing of the day.

While visibility factors depend on your location and ongoing weather conditions, time after sunrise, and just before sunset offer you the best light for taking photos of your vehicle.

This magic hour if you would like to call simply makes your car appear in all of its fantastic glory. Low angle sunlight actually adds warmth and texture to the image, whereas the generally dimmer lighting also allows you to balance the image elements more easily.

4. You Can Sweeten The Deal

So why make this kind of effort in the first place you might ask? The answer lies in the statement that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Your job is to make your car appear as a next-to-impossible offer one would like to let go of.

Picking the perfect time and lighting and using a high-quality camera to snap clicks does take effort on your part, but with some creative angles and avoiding the use of filters, you can still surprisingly end up sweetening the deal for yourself.

Sweeten the deal for the buyers.

The more high-quality pictures you capture and make your car appear with all of its good sides; the chances are that you might end up increasing the bargain amount substantially.

5. Honesty Is A Big Seller

The reason why I requested you not to use any fancy filters while shooting pictures of your junk car is that honesty is a big seller. You need to make sure that your pictures speak the truth; otherwise, you are just wasting your own time.

No one is interested in buying a car that is accompanied by tailored pictures. It just has to be a picture that is high quality in detail, plain, and simple. The more honest your pictures, the clearer the image of your vehicle would be, and this, in return, can augment your chances of selling your junk car quickly to the right buyer.

6. Variety Of Pictures Matter

When it comes to taking pictures, a simple picture on its own isn’t enough. It would be best if you took a variety of pictures. This can include several angles. It would be best if you snapped a picture from the front, back end, the sides, and a picture taken from above with the help of a drone can also be useful.

The more variety of pictures you include will deliver a more resolute idea about your junk car. Buyers will then have their decision-making process time reduced and depending on your car and the number of pictures you deliver, they can instantly start making your offers.

7. The Make And The Model Must Stand Out

There are buyers out there that are looking for specific car makes and models. This might be due to various reasons. Many cars today and in the past came with a selected pair of parts that were either disbanded by the manufacturer in the later models or were replaced with better options. However, these spare parts may have a lot of value for some buyers.

In other instances, a car make and model is important to a particular car-restoration fanatic who has searched high and low for a vehicle that holds a special meaning to them. By making sure that your pictures are able to deliver these features, you can indefinitely increase their value in the eyes of some of these types of buyers.

8. Make Flaws Look Manageable

So what if your junk car is beyond repair or is giving you a run for your money? There are people out there who can still manage or make use of them in ways yet unimaginable. While I thoroughly request you never hide the flaws in your junk car and instead be open about them, but still there are ways through which you can make these flaws manageable.

By doing so, you’re neither lying nor overly protecting the viewer’s path of sight from such flaws. This is art, where your photography skills and some varied angels can even make a scratch look like a battle scar that someone could be proud of. Many essay writers in the UK who help higher education students with their written work would also manage flaws in writing and make them more manageable.

9. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

If I have said this once I wouldn’t mind saying it again, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I am pretty sure there are a lot of car owners out there that wouldn’t simply sell their junk car because it holds a much deeper meaning for them and cherished memories attached to it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, when it is time to finally let go, you can at least make sure that it lands in the ownership of a person who would appreciate it a bit more than an average Joe would. Students opting for the assignment writing would often request professionals to add visuals in order to increase the value of their paperwork.


Selling junk cars is a good decision as they clear up considerable space, space which they have hogged up while not moving an inch in their recent timeline. Plus selling junk cars is also environmentally friendly too.

So grab that camera of yours and start clicking, you can keep the images as a memorable token of sorts too to remember your car by. However, it is best that you sell your junk car and move on with your life with a pocket that feels a little heavier than before.

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