VoyagerSTL Features Junk Cars For Cash In Their Publication

Junk Cars For Cash was recently approached by VoyagerSTL, which is an online publication that states they are highlighting the most inspiring stories in St. Louis. The heart of their mission is to find amazing souls in St. Louis from all walks of life and all types of businesses to showcase their stories. They want to provide a portrait of St. Louis that others might not see otherwise. We were happy to share the Junk Cars For Cash story with them and now we want to share some of the questions and answers that appeared in the publication. If you want to read the full article you can do so by clicking here.

Meet Steve Reisch of Junk Cars For Cash St. Louis

Of course, they started off by wanting to get to know our owner Steve. If you have ever done business with Junk Cars here in St. Louis then you have no doubt met Steve and know his kind heart. We all know that he spends his day doing what he can to help others by buying their junk cars and giving them the best deal possible. He is also quick to send a driver or drive to your car himself to pick it up at no extra cost.

Here are some of the questions the VoyagerSTL article covered

Hi Steve, Please Kick Things Off For Us With An Introduction To Yourself And Your Story

“I have worked with my father at his auto repair shop and body shop in South St. Louis starting in the early 70″s. I have been buying salvage cars since 1977. We buy cars, trucks, and vans, and we buy them in any condition. Junk Cars For Cash In St. Louis has been in business for over 40 years, we’ve just gone through a few different names, such as Affordable Towing.

The thing about this business is that people remember the name the way it was when they first used your service. That’s why we hang on to all of the names we’ve used thus far.

It’s very important for us to maintain our same address and phone number as well since those are two other ways people remember us. They mark us down in some sort of calendar or notebook and when the time comes, they give us a call and we go give them cash for their car.”

This answer isn’t surprising to anyone that knows Steve. Again it goes to show his dedication to helping people get rid of their junk cars and make sure they are well compensated for it. This is one of the things that everyone loves about Junk Cars For Cash and Steve himself. He wants to make sure that he can do his best to help everyone that he speaks to. The best way to get ahold of Junk Cars For Cash is by calling (314) 621-2104.

Be sure to read the entire article on the VoyagerSTL website to learn more about Steve and the business. We wanted to share one last question from the article that is more about the city of St. Louis in general. If you live in St. Louis, then you obviously love it as we all know that Saint Louis is a great place to live.

What Do You Like And Dislike About The City?

“I love this city, including North City, South City, West County, and everything in between. Living in St. Louis for so long of course I am a huge Cardinals and Blues fan. It’s great to see the city grow and expand. I just love this city.

I support my family and depend on this business for my livelihood. This job is not for the weak of heart. My son and I run this family-owned business and hope to for many years to come because we know that St. Louis is a loyal community.”

As stated in the article you can get ahold of Junk Cars For Cash in many ways, so we are going to list those social channels, but as we stated calling Steve is the best way to sell your junk car here in St. Louis. We hope you enjoyed the Junk Cars For Cash story. Again, be sure to read the whole story.

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