Sell My Car For Cash

On a daily basis, we get the question where can I sell my car for cash in St. Louis. We buy junk cars and broken-down cars for cash. Our team will come to your home or work and pay you on the spot for the junk car you have sitting in your garage or driveway. We are the best place in St. Louis to sell junk cars!

Whether You Crashed Your Car, Your Car Is Old And Junky And Can’t Be Repaired, Or Whatever The Reason Is, We Will Buy It From You.

If you have a wrecked car, we will buy it. We’ll come to pick up your car, tow it to our shop, and pay you cash. We will even pay you cash on the spot if the car is not running or drivable! We will buy cars of any make and model as long as they are in good condition.

Sell My Car For Cash

We buy junk cars in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas of Missouri. Our cash-for-junk car service is fast, easy, and convenient. We will remove your car from your property in no time so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Call today!

Sell Your Junk Car In St. Louis To Us And Get Cash Today!

We buy junk cars in St. Louis and pay cash for them! No matter what condition your vehicle is in, we’re interested in buying it from you. We’ll work with you to determine the fairest price for your old car so that both of us agree on a number and can move forward with the transaction.

When it comes to buying junk cars, we are experts at determining fair market value. In fact, there are many factors that go into determining how much money we can offer for each vehicle:

  • Make/Model: Younger makes and models tend to be worth more than older ones.
  • Year: The year also impacts pricing—generally speaking, newer vehicles tend to have higher values than older ones.
  • Condition: Vehicles with poor or no engines will generate lower offers on average than those which have good ones installed or rebuilt engines available for purchase during negotiations (though if they do need an engine transplant we’ll still probably buy yours).

Who Will Buy My Car?

At Junk Cars For Cash in St. Louis, we are proud to say that we buy all kinds of cars from our customers. Whether your car is old and broken down or a newer model that simply needs some work done on it, we will make sure you get the money you deserve for the vehicle. We specialize in buying junk cars, but you can also bring us any type of working or non-working vehicle for cash.

If your car has been involved in an accident and is no longer drivable, feel free to bring it to us so we can evaluate its condition and quote you a price on it right away! Or if your car sits idle in your garage or driveway because there’s something wrong with it but it still runs sometimes—that counts too!

Buy My Car For Cash

We buy junk cars for cash, so if you have one on your hands and need to get rid of it fast, look no further. We will also buy your car if it’s not complete junk. If you just have an old car sitting on your property and don’t need it anymore, we will give you cash to remove it.

We will come to your house or work in the St. Louis area, pay you cash for your junk car, take the vehicle from you and tow it away.

You can trust us to give a fair quote for what we’ll pay you for your car and not try to lowball our customers as many other companies do in this industry. We can take care of everything as quickly as possible so that there isn’t more stress on top of getting rid of an unwanted vehicle already — just contact us right now with the details about what you’re looking to sell us!

We Buy Clunkers, Broken-Down Vehicles, And All Kinds Of Junk Cars.

If the interior or exterior of your car is in bad shape, we will give you a fair cash offer for it! We buy all makes and models including SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, vans, cars, and even boats. This is a great way to get rid of an old vehicle that you don’t want anymore or have outgrown.

We are not limited to buying just any old junk car for cash; we will also pay top dollar for any clunker you may wish to sell us. Our professional team of buyers will evaluate your vehicle on location at no charge. Our local drivers come directly to your home or wherever they pick up their car from so there’s no need to drive anywhere!

We have been in the business for over a decade and have helped thousands of people get rid of their old cars, trucks, and vans for cash. We are one of the most reputable junk car buyers in St. Louis and we take care of our customers.


You Can Sell Your Junk Or Broken Car To Us Today!

We buy junk and broken down cars, no matter what condition they are in. We also buy old cars, even if they are just a few years old! If your car is in bad condition or has been damaged in an accident, we will still take it off your hands. Whether your car has been totaled and declared a total loss by an insurance company or it’s simply worn down from age, we will buy it from you so that you can get a new vehicle for yourself.

We Buy Cars In Any Condition, Including:

  • Salvage cars
  • Damaged cars with frame damage
  • Accident-free vehicles that are worn out and old
  • Cash for junk cars of any make and model


At Junk Cars For Cash in St. Louis, we’ll make sure you get the best deal for your junk car. Why not give us a call today and let us buy your junk car for cash?

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Traveling With Your Pet? Follow These Safety Tips!

You might be traveling for work or taking your family on a fun road trip. Sometimes you either need to or have to take your pet with you. If you are anything like us, you love your pets and want them to share your experiences with you. Let’s face it our pets are another family member.

Which family member doesn’t want to travel and why would you want to leave your trusted companion behind when you can bring them along with you? You get to share your experiences with your beloved companion instead of leaving them boarded up and spending tons of money doing so. So are you planning on traveling with your pet? You just need to follow these safety tips!

Traveling With A Pet Isn’t Easy

When the idea of taking a long road trip with your furbaby comes up it sounds like a great idea. However, when you actually travel with your pet you might find that it isn’t as easy as you thought. You have to remember they are animals and they might get nervous or anxious on the trip.

One way to stress out animals of all types is to put them in a situation where they are around strange people, in unfamiliar environments, have all types of new smells, and sounds that can be very stressful to them. Air travel can be extremely stressful too, but today we are going to focus on traveling in your vehicle.

After all of that, there are also those animals that love car rides, love to travel, and will make your trip very easy for you. Even if your pet is making the trip easy on you, it’s your responsibility as the pet owner to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable for the entirety of your trip. If you don’t think you will be able to do those things, then it might be best to leave your furry friend behind for your next trip.

However, if you are sure you can make your pet’s trip as enjoyable as yours, be sure to make preparations ahead of time for your pet. This way you will both enjoy yourselves on the amazing trip that is about to come.

Here Are Some General Travel Tips When Taking Your Pet

This might sound like common sense, but these tips can save you and your pet a lot of heartache and money if you just follow them.

  • Make sure that your pet is microchipped. On top of the normal collar and tags, it is very helpful to have a microchip just in case your pet gets anxious and runs away. The microchip can help you find your lost pet in a hurry.
  • You should always make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations. But, it’s even more important when you are taking them on a trip. Don’t forget to make sure they have the proper flea, tick, and heartworm treatments as well.
  • Do your research on local veterinarians near the place you are traveling to. This is just another preparation tactic that will give you peace of mind and could end up saving your pet’s life if something happens. You should be able to locate local animal hospitals here.
  • Locate and bring your pet’s medical records, vaccine records, medications, and extra identification with you. This includes pictures of you two together. We know you probably have thousands on your phone.
  • Don’t forget to pack their back too. You will want water bowls for stops on the side of the road, extra collars, leashes, and lots of familiar toys. Don’t forget to bring lots of food as well. You might also want to bring bottled water or water you bottle from your own tap since that is what they are used to.
  • Treats, Treats, Treats! Don’t forget extra treats on top of the food and water.
  • Be sure to pack a human first aid kit and one you can use on your pet just in case.
  • NEVER forget that you cannot leave your pet in your car. Even if it doesn’t seem hot outside or if you aren’t going to be gone for long you still SHOULD NOT leave your pet in the car. This is an easy way for them to get a heatstroke which can be deadly.
  • Your pet relies on you to make sure they are safe. So, please follow these safety measures to keep your family friend safe.

Hotel Safety Tips When Traveling With Your Pet

The truth is if you are taking your pet with you on your vacation or your trip you will probably reserve an Airbnb, stay with a friend, or do something like camping. But, if you decide to stay in a pet-friendly hotel, we have some tips for you:

  • Be sure to bring a pet carrier or containment option. This way your pet, usually a dog, will feel secure if you leave them by themselves in the hotel room. This will also ensure that the hotel workers are safe as well if they decide to come into your room and don’t realize you have a pup. You can purchase soft crates at most pet stores.
  • Bring a few extra blankets that your pet is used to sleeping on. This can help your pet feel more comfortable in a new environment.
  • Even if your animal is potty trained and again this mostly applies to dogs, bring potty pads. If your pet is going to have an accident then a potty pad will give them a place to go. These can also come in handy if your dog likes to mark his or her territory.
  • To help avoid those awful stomach problems our pets can get, don’t let them take any treats or food from strangers or even the hotel if they have dog treats.
  • Stick to their routine as much as you possibly can. This is mainly their walking and eating routine. Changing things too much can be bad for your pet.

Before You Take A Roadtrip You Might Want To Sell Your Old Car And Buy A New One

We really only buy whole cars. So, don’t bring us what you see above.

There are hundreds of other safety tips that we could discuss when it comes to traveling with your pet. But, the last thing we need to discuss is the safety of your car. Before you ever hit the road make sure that you have a car that is roadworthy. If you don’t and cannot afford one it’s best if you rent a car or simply do not go on the trip.

One thing you can do if you have a car that you don’t feel safe driving, but also don’t know what to do with, you can call us so we can purchase your car. Whether it’s a junk car or just a car that you consider junk and don’t want to deal with we will buy it.

We also run into situations where people have already bought their new car and just want to get their old car out of their driveway and calling us is the fastest way to do it, because we will come to pick it up from your house.

So, let’s keep everyone safe, including your pets by making sure you aren’t driving a car you shouldn’t be driving. This will also put some extra cash into your pocket before your trip and who can argue with extra cash. Just give us a call and we will come to pick up your car or if you can drive it to us that is an option as well.

We will give you cash for your car right on the spot without a bunch of hassle. Now the only thing you have to do is enjoy the time traveling with your pet.

Traveling With Your Pets FAQS

What Is The Best Way To Travel With Pets?

Traveling by car is generally the best way to travel with pets, because it puts them under the least amount of stress. For long, cross-country trips, consider requesting a sedative from your veterinarian.

Is it OK to take dogs on long drives?

Taking your pets along on a road trip is a great way to avoid the trauma and expense of boarding your dogs or cats. But traveling long distances in a car isn't so easy for all animals. Experts suggest taking your pets on shorter trips first to get them accustomed to traveling in a car.

How Long Can A Dog Be In A Car For Road Trip?

Two hours is a good rule of thumb for stopping on a long road trip, but your dog or cat can stretch that time out, especially if it's traveling in a pet carrier or crate. Your dog or cat should always be secured by a seat belt while traveling by car.

Is It Stressful For A Dog To Travel In Car?

Whether you're planning a long road trip with your favorite pup, or simply trying to get them to the dog park, a car ride can be very stressful for both of you if your dog experiences car anxiety.

Can A Dog Stay In A Car For 2 Hours?

It's generally safe to leave your dog in the car for a maximum of five minutes, and when the outside temperature is above freezing and below 70 degrees. Here are other tips to safely leave your dog in the car: During daylight hours, crack a window and park in a shady spot.

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What Are The Best Ways To Sell A Junk Car?

Let’s talk about the best ways to sell a junk car. Do you have a junk car you keep in your front or backyard in St. Louis, MO? How much do you think it values? A few hundreds of dollars? A thousand? Well, if you continue to keep it there it values exactly $0. Cars are incredible, especially because they give us the opportunity of going from point A to point B. You do not need to use public transportation but use your own car. And this comes with the comfort many people were looking for.

At the same time, you need to invest money in maintenance, gas, reparations, and so on. However, as cars get old, their value is declining. New cars are launched on the market every year. Buying a new car is an important family event. Yet, what happens with your old car?

About 12 million cars are junked annually in the U.S. alone. However, many of them are kept in the backyard for many years until they are sold or ditched. If you have a junk car that is taking up space in your backyard, you could consider selling it. Many campaigns encourage you to sell it, but what are the best ways to do this? Find out below.

One Of The Best Ways To Sell A Junk Car Is To Get To Know The Value Of Your Car

The first thing you need to do if you have decided to sell your junk car is to know its value. According to the reviews of the report experts from essaymama, even if your car is rusted and just sitting in your front yard, it has some value. Of course, do not expect to see thousands of dollars. Junk cars have functioning issues. And because they have not been used for quite some time, they are rusty and do not look good.

The industry of junk cars can sometimes be misleading. Some people try to scam you and give you less money, so knowing how much your car values will help you identify the right buyer or option. You can find online some websites where you can fill in a form and get the real value of your junk car. You will be asked to fill in details about the car body, engine, and the actual state of your car.

Selling The Car For Parts

Depending on the condition of your car, one of the options is to sell it for parts. How do you decide if this is the best option? Well, there are some things involved. Firstly, if your car has been involved in an accident, maybe selling it for parts is the best option. However, you need to know how much the reparations cost. If there is not much money involved, maybe investing it in repairing the car could come with more money. Because if it looks good, you would find a buyer interested in buying it as it is.

However, if the damage is severe, selling your junk car for parts is the best option. There are many parts you could sell, such as the battery, mirrors, stereo unit, seats, and many more. But keep in mind that this takes time and effort. You would be lucky to find a buyer that wants them all. Selling for pieces is about advertising each part of your car and finding, usually, different buyers.

Selling the car for parts could be the best choice, but in the end, the car body will still be there. So, thinking of a solution to get rid of it is important.

Sell Your Car As It Is

Choosing the best way to sell your junk car depends on its current state. If the engine is still functioning well and it needs minor adjustments, investing in repairing it is the best choice. Then, it will be easier to find a buyer interested in buying it. As Clare Bell, the marketing expert and essay writer, there are many websites where you can advertise the selling of your car. As It is one of the most popular of them that help you do this.

However, it is important to know if it has any problems. The laws are different in each state, but in some of them, they protect the buyer. So, if you sell your junk car and do not mention any issues it is having, the buyer can then sue you and you will lose the money. It is therefore important to mention the actual state of your junk car sincerely to prevent future problems.

At the same time, it is important to be prepared and have patience. The number of junk cars advertised for sale in the US is high, so catching a buyer is challenging. But do not panic, they are not far away. The advantage of choosing this way to sell your car is that the buyer will buy it as it is, knowing that it has problems. Most people want to buy second-hand cars that are not junk and obsolete, so finding buyers is challenging.

Sell Your Car for Scrap Metal

Another option is to sell your car for scrap metal. This could be the best way to get some money for your old car in the case it is worn out and it cannot be used anymore. If you decide to do this, then you should know that the price is set depending on the weight of your car. The thing is, every car has metal in its car body and components. If it is an old car, then it may be heavier. So, an old car or truck could come with some pretty good money.

However, you should know that your junk car has a combination of materials. So, separating the plastics from metal is essential, to not affect the recycling process. You will need to pay for the costs of separating the materials, but it is usually low. Make sure you previously inform. Moreover, to the total costs, there are a few extra added. You will need to rent a car platform to take your car and take it to the scrapyard, underlie writers, who provide online assignment help on financial topics.

Sell It To A Junkyard

If you do not want to bother with saving up some money to repair your car and sell it online or wait for the perfect buyer to buy it as it is, you could sell it to a junkyard. This way is the most facile one, especially if you do not want to put in the effort required by the other options.

Junkyards that are buying junk cars usually use only the pieces, but if you do not want to bother with selling them, this is the best option. They will come to take the car from your backyard, so everything is as easy as it can be.

Things You Need To Consider

Finding the best way to sell your car depends on the state of if and how much you are willing to wait or pay for certain services. No matter the way you choose to sell your car, it is better to keep an eye on scammers. They might try to offer you a lower price.

It is therefore important to make a contract in each of the cases. This will protect you from future problems and misunderstandings that could appear. Moreover, all the costs will be noted there so the buyer cannot charge you extra, says Michael Fane, the thesis writing service expert.

Ending Words


If you have a junk car that is taking up space in your backyard and have decided to sell it, you should know that there are many options you could choose from. Depending on the state of your car or if it has been involved in an accident, different options might suit you best. You can sell it for parts, to a scrap yard or junkyard. You can sell it as it is or invests some money to repair it and try to raise its value.

Either way, leaving your junk car in your front yard to rust will not bring you any money. If you are not using it, why not sell it and get some money you can save for something else? We hope that you learned some of the best ways to sell a junk car today.

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What Does It Mean To Sell A Junk Car For Cash

If you are planning to sell a junk car for cash, you have a few options that you can take. Most old cars are simply sent to a junkyard and are then used for parts. You will see this happen with most cars that aren’t running any longer or are simply broken beyond repair. Sell a junk car for cash and get yourself a new car as you have wanted.

Some car owners will part out their cars by themselves, or have a junkyard do it for them. Others will donate their cars so someone else can figure out what needs to be done with the vehicle. If the car isn’t that bad you can try to get it repaired or as some like to put it refurbished. But, you do have the option of selling your old car, even if most people consider it to be junk.

Actually, choosing to sell a junk car for cash and junking your vehicle are the most common ways to get rid of old vehicles. Both options can be financially beneficial to the car owner. In fact, there are several reasons to ditch your junk car!

Junking and simply choosing to sell a junk car for cash is not the same, however. We are going to talk more about these options and which one is best for your situation. You will learn why Junk Cars For Cash is your best option as we offer the best deals for your junk car.

Sell A Junk Car for Cash: What Does That Mean?

When selling a car, even a junk car you are doing exactly what it sounds like. You are giving your vehicle to someone and they are giving you cash. Of course as with anything this can be more complicated than it sounds.

As someone that’s choosing to sell a junk car, you have several options. There are a lot of private parties that are willing to purchase junk cars from you, plenty of companies, and there are private marketplaces that exist that help facilitates the selling process. Depending on how fast you want to sell a junk car for cash and other things such as the asking price one of these options might be better than the other for you.

We have all seen old cars with a for sale sign in the window of the car. This is the most old-school way of selling your car, however, trying to sell your car this way can take a long time and you will not always attract the best buyers. You might be waiting a long time for nothing using this method.

Will A Dealership Take My Car As A Trade-In

Yes, you can sell your car to a dealership. This is usually a fast and safe way to get rid of your car. The bad thing is dealerships usually low-ball you with their offer. It’s possible to walk away from a dealership feeling like you didn’t receive much from the transaction. If you are a good negotiator then you might have a better chance.

Of course, you can list your car online at multiple websites, marketplaces, and companies that specialize in buying and selling used cars. People search these websites looking for cars to buy which can help you find a buyer. This can be done on websites that you should be aware of like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and others that allow you to reach a large audience of buyers. This method is risky as there are a lot of scammers out there that opens you up to fraud.

If the car that you are selling is damaged or doesn’t run, you will most likely find it difficult to sell to a private party. With that said there are online companies with the sole purpose of buying junk cars. That is where Junk Cars For Cash comes into play. We make it easy for you to sell us your car and we always give the best prices in St. Louis.

What Does It Mean To Junk Your Car

This means that you are selling your car to a junkyard or salvage yard. The most likely thing that will happen to your vehicle after you sell it is it will be parted, crushed, and destroyed. The term junkyard is used for a reason. We like to say that it’s where your vehicle goes to die. It’s the end of the road for vehicles.

You hand over your car to a junkyard service and the usable parts (if there are any) will be removed.

Removable Parts:

  • Aluminum
  • Carpet
  • Copper
  • Rubber
  • Steel
  • Upholstery Textiles

At Junk Cars For Cash, we will offer you a flat fee based on the condition of the vehicle. We will make you an offer and depending on your location and if the car is driveable we will come to pick it up from you. You have to watch out for a lot of junkyards as they will try to give you much less than what your vehicle is worth.

We do not give you bad prices and we don’t try to haggle with you. The price we give you the first time is the best offer for your vehicle. If that is an acceptable price then we will work out a deal. If it’s not enough for you, then you know that we gave you our best price.

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