Do We Purchase Cars Without A Title?

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A dented car that Junk Cars For Cash in St. Louis will purchase.

Many of you have asked the question do you purchase cars without a title? So who buys a car without a title?

Do I Need My Title To Sell My Junk Car?

The quick answer is not always. There are a lot of states that allow you to sell your junk car for scrap even if you don’t have your title. It’s possible that if you have totaled your car or not driven it for a long time you have lost your title. It could also be mutilated or destroyed, which still means you need a new one. If you have the ability to prove ownership by providing an old registration and your driver’s license then you can most likely sell your car for junk without having a title.

More Information about Selling Us Your Car Without A Title

There is never an opportunity that will allow us to accept abandoned vehicles. If you have just lost your title or if it was stolen you most likely will have your registration or access to it. There are multiple things you will need to do before you sell your junk car.

One of the most important things is that you will need your registration so you can scrap your junk car. If you don’t have your registration then you will need another method to prove ownership of the vehicle. You can get a duplicate title from the DMV for just a small fee. But, the amount we will pay you for your junk car is worth it. Check out our junk cars wanted for cash lot see the types of vehicles we accept.

Obtaining A New Title For Your Junk Car

Here are some tips and steps to take to get your duplicate title so you can sell your junk car to us for cash. We know it sounds like a pain, but it’s important to do things legally. This protects everyone and makes sure we aren’t purchasing stolen cars. In this case, you are planning to sell us your vehicle which means the owner of the car is going to need to apply for a duplicate title.

If the above method isn’t good enough or acceptable the sale of your car will not be valid without the correct title. The owner of the vehicle is the one that will need to apply for the duplicate in order for us to be able to purchase your vehicle.

Sometimes you lose your title and need to sell your junk car for cash. Do we purchase cars without a title?
Junk Cars Without Titles Can Still Be Sold

Here Is How You Can Apply For A Duplicate Title In Missouri

You must submit a completed and signed application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108)

Your form must have the following items:

  • A Missouri address.
  • Have “DUPLICATE” marked at the top, which lets them know you are applying for a duplicate?
  • Complete all of the notary information at the bottom. It will be marked with “Notary-Dup. Title Only”. Be sure to indicate the reason you need the duplicate.
  • Have your form notarized. Your signature must, of course, be witnessed by a public notary. The notary will need to complete the notarization box in the block marked “Duplicate Title Only”.
  • If you have the old title, but it’s not legible or is mutilated you will have to return the old title with your application.
  • If you need your title mailed to a different address than indicated by the owner and you don’t have a loan indicated. Place an “X” in the “Mail To” box and write in the address you need the title mailed to in the space provided. A title can be mailed to an address other than the one indicated in the owner’s portion if there is only one loan indicated.
  • If applicable, a notarized Lien Release (Form 4809) is required.
  • Submit the $8.50 duplicate title fee and the $2.50 processing fee along with the paperwork.
How do I apply for a new title to sell my car?
If I Can’t Prove The Car Is Mine, How Do I Apply For A New Title?

All of this can be submitted to any Missouri license office locations or the:

Motor Vehicle Bureau, 301 West High Street, Room 370, PO BOX 100, Jefferson City, MO, 65105-0100.

  • You will need to make checks and any other payment method such as money orders or cashier checks payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue.
  • Personal checks need your name, driver license number or SSN, date of birth, phone number, and address.
  • Do Not Ever Send Cash In The Mail.

*This information has been obtained from the website.*

Other Ways To Obtain The Title If I Am Not The Owner

If a family member dies it's easy to get a new title in your name.
Having A TOD Beneficiary On Your Title Will Make It Easier For Them To Get A New Title If Something Happens.

There are some exceptions to obtaining a duplicate title to a car that you do not own, such as the owner has passed away.

Having a transfer on death or TOD beneficiary is the easy way to transfer ownership of a vehicle after the owner listed on the title has died. This can be done by naming a TOD beneficiary on your title application. This will avoid having your vehicle go through probate upon death.

If no TOD beneficiary was listed on the original title then a surviving spouse or an unmarried minor child may transfer ownership of the vehicle, but only one time, title in the deceased owner’s name. This can be done without obtaining a probate order. This person must get the title in their name before assigning ownership over to a new purchaser. So, you would need to do this before selling it to us.

When we say minor we mean a child under the age of 18.

In Order To Apply For The Title You Will Need To Submit These Items:

*This information has been obtained from the website.*

We hope this information helps when you ask if we purchase cars without a title. Again, if you have the registration it will make it a lot easier for you.

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