How To Jumpstart Your Junk Car Business With The Right Financial Management Tools

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How To Jumpstart Your Junk Car Business With The Right Financial Management Tools

Having a junk car business is not an easy deal nowadays, especially since the pandemic took over our world.

Before it, the economy was booming, businesses were flourishing and everybody was very happy with the economic environment and the way things were going.

These days, as seen in the statistics, the US economy is shrinking at an alarming pace and businesses take all the heat. The automotive industry is one of the main victims of this situation, having slowed down by roughly 20%, year-on-year, and having a junk car business might put you in a very delicate position.

For you to make sure you will get through these rough seas, it’s very important that you have a solid business and keep it afloat. Whether you write exhaustive essay papers to keep track of your cash flow or you use the right financial management tools, it’s very important that you keep track of all your incomes and expenses. That’s the easiest way of getting through these rough seas.

If you are looking for a quick way of making a ‘map’ of your cash flow, it’s recommended you use financial tools, rather than using the old pen and paper.

Here are some aspects you should definitely consider when creating the map we’ve been talking about.

1. Write Down All Your Expenses And Incomes

Write Down all of your expenses and incomes for your junk car business.

Before you even start searching for a financial management tool, it’s very important that you have a good overview of all your incomes and expenses. It’s useless having a top-notch tool if you don’t have all the information about your business.

The items on the list should be ordered this way: the most important and vital to the top and the least important to the bottom of the list.

Some of the important expenses would be rent, equipment lease, employee salaries, and utilities. The least important would be team-buildings, employee bonuses, extravagant car lease.

In terms of income, you should classify your clients by the income they generate for you and the frequency of that income. A client who spends big bucks, but he does it very rarely, would definitely generate less value for your business than a regular client which gives you a steady flow of income. You should consider the first one as a bonus income and you should focus on the latter.

If you need some help with identifying all the dots on the list and order them by importance, you can always ask for assignment help.

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2. Choose The Right Financial Management Tool

Now that you have a firm overview of your cash flow, it’s time to choose the appropriate financial management tool and start using it in your junk car business.

Before we exemplify these tools, is something very important that you should know. These tools won’t create miracles, they won’t give you the certainty that your business will survive and strive. They will rather help you manage your business’ financial situation more easily.

Here Are Some Useful Things These Tools Can Help You Out With:

  • Create and deliver invoices.
  • Keep Track of These Invoices.
  • Keep Track of Your Costs, Sales, and Revenue.
  • Identify Loopholes in Your Cash Flow – Should I lower some of my costs?
  • Legal Guides.

Some Tools You Should Consider Are The Following:

We won’t go through each tool’s pros and cons, because that’s for you to research. This way, you can have an exhaustive view of each of these financial management tools.

Needless to say is that each business is different, and the ‘useful things’ mentioned before might not be very useful in your case because your main concern would be how to make sure your invoices are paid in time, rather than how to lower costs, because you already have them under control.

When you think about your company’s financial situation, just remember, even though you might want it, the Best Dissertation is not the only want that will secure your master’s diploma. You don’t need the best financial planning in the world, you just need one that will help your business survive and strive.

Choose The Right Financial Management Tool

3. Make Projections For Your Business. How Will It Develop In The Next Few Years?

Now that you’ve chosen the right financial management tool, it’s very important that you can have an overview of the next period of time, the next years to come. This way, you can estimate how your business will ‘behave’ in the next period of time.

A very neat and easy to use the calculator is Startup Calculator. Even though you might say “Oh, but I don’t have a startup, we’ve been in business for over 10 years”, you should definitely give it a try.

Be aware, this is not an essay writing website, it won’t give you feedback regarding certain flaws in your business model and cash flow. It will help you create a rough projection for your company’s development for the coming years.

You Can Add The Following Indicators To Create A Rough Projection:


  • Launching Customers – here you can add the number of customers you already have.
  • Yearly Average Revenue per Customer.
  • Yearly Customer Growth.
  • Yearly Customer Churn.


  • Yearly Cost per Customer.
  • Fixed Costs per Year.
  • Starting costs.

Once you add all this information, you can have a clear view of your business’ health over the next 5 years. Even so, you should definitely recalibrate this projection according to the fluctuations of these indicators. You should do that at least twice per year.


Financial management tools will help you create an overview of your company’s financial situation. Especially during these rough seas, especially that the automotive industry is in a slump, such an overview is very important for your junk car business to keep afloat.

During this article, we’ve highlighted some very important aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing the right financial management tools and the way you should organize yourself before you even start using them.

Last, but not least, once you feel safe that you know the ins and outs of your business’ financial situation, it is very important that you create projections for the upcoming years. You should definitely don’t drive blindfolded, you should know the road ahead or, at least, have a rough estimate of what’s gonna come.

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