Totaled Your Car. Cars that have front end damage.

The week didn’t start out so well: you totaled your car. But things started to look up when you contacted Junk Cars For Cash St. Louis and were paid top dollar for your wrecked car. Now you’ve got a nice chunk of change in your pocket. Maybe that vintage Fender Telecaster you saw online is…Continue Reading “Totaled Your Car: Start Saving After You Sell Us Your Junk Car For Cash”

man checking air pressure in his car

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or you’re on your fifth one, everyone can use a few car maintenance tips — especially when considering things like window tinting costs, upholstery repairs or engine parts. In fact, a recent study found that within a group of 2,000 American car owners, about a quarter of them felt…Continue Reading “12 Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Needs to Know”

Yes You Can Sell A Junk Car Or A Car That's Been Totaled. Here Is How..

First, we know that living in the St. Louis, MO area you are aware there are plenty of things going on in the city. If you like museums, historical landmarks or great sports teams, such as the St. Louis Blues, Cardinals and soon an MLS team, then the city has something for you. Of course,…Continue Reading “Yes You Can Sell A Junk Car Or A Car That’s Been Totaled. Here Is How.”

How Do Junk Cars Impact The Environment. Junk car in the woods.

So, how do junk cars impact the environment? The Junk Car industry is one that many people know little about. It’s a niche service designed to take care of people’s unwanted or junk cars. These vehicles are often missing important parts, in need of expensive repairs, or perfectly functional – but their owners are wanting…Continue Reading “How Do Junk Cars Impact The Environment?”