What You Should Do Before You Sell Your Junk Car

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What Should You Do Before You Sell Your Junk Car

Have you been thinking about selling your junk car? Do you have questions about where to start or who actually buys junk cars in the St. Louis area? What should you do before you sell your junk car?

Here Is The Information That You Need To Sell Us Your Junk Car

Sometimes just selling your car can be time-consuming and even confusing. It’s hard to know who to sell your car to, who to trust, what companies will or can buy your junk car without a title.

Here Is The Information That You Need To Sell Us Your Junk Car

We Want To Make Selling Your Car An Easier Process

Nobody enjoys the process of selling something, especially one as big as a car. If it’s your first time selling your junk car to a junkyard it can be intimidating. We know it’s not a process that you are looking forward to and we want to make it easier for you. We want to provide you with the process you should follow before trying to sell us your car and we will handle it after that.

So, what do you need to know before you sell us your junk car?

A Few Things You Should Do Before You Sell Your Junk Car

1. Make Sure Your Car Title Is In Order

Is it possible to sell your car without a title? The short answer is yes, however we do not recommend it and it makes the process much harder on everyone. We have written about the process of getting a new title.

Before you do anything, be sure that you cancel your insurance or have it transferred to a new car if you have one. Also, don’t forget your license plates on the car. You will need to take them off whether you are transferring them or not. Again, the most important thing that will make your life much easier is to have your title. Like we said you can sell your car without a title, but it will make your life and our life much harder.

We are one of the few junk car businesses that actually care if you have your title. This is because you will need to transfer ownership of the car to Junk Cars For Cash in St. Louis. If you don’t follow the proper procedure with doing this then you might incur liabilities in the future, because according to the law you still own the car. It doesn’t matter if the car was towed away to a junkyard, your name is still attached to that car.

Read Our Blog Post About How To Obtain A New Title

2. Remember All Of Your Personal Belongings

If you are anything like me or pretty much any other human being then your car has accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. There are probably things in your glove compartment, dashboard, center console, under your seats, in the trunk, and who knows where else that you have forgotten about. It is your responsibility to remember to take all of your personal belongings before our truck arrives to pick up your car or before you leave it with us at our place of business.

Use Up Your Gasoline. Put it in a gasoline can if you need to.

Sometimes you just want to get rid of the car and just want to leave some things behind. Just because your car is considered a junk car, it doesn’t mean that it is a dumpster. We will not be expected to throw your stuff away or return your stuff if left. It can also be easy to overlook important items that you will never get back. So be sure to double-check your car, take your CDs out of the player if you have one, and remember anything that has personal information.

3. Use Up Your Gasoline

If you are lucky enough to still have a car that is running, be sure to use up all of your gas in your tank before we tow your car back to our facility. If you don’t have a running car you can try to siphon the gasoline from the tank, but you must be very careful and we do not recommend this. If you do siphon the gas from the car, be sure to only use approved containers. NEVER start siphoning gas with your mouth.

If you can’t remove the gas, it’s not a problem as we will have to drain the fluids out of your car before we can recycle it or scrap it. When you take the gas out of your tank beforehand it helps us out and helps you at the same time.


We hope that this list has helped you when it comes to us helping you sell your junk car to us for cash. We also hope that you enjoyed this list and find it helpful. Give us a call and we will give you the value for your junk car and hopefully set up a deal to move forward.

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