Traveling With Your Pet? Follow These Safety Tips!

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Dog rides in the car.

You might be traveling for work or taking your family on a fun road trip. Sometimes you either need to or have to take your pet with you. If you are anything like us, you love your pets and want them to share your experiences with you. Let’s face it our pets are another family member.

Which family member doesn’t want to travel and why would you want to leave your trusted companion behind when you can bring them along with you? You get to share your experiences with your beloved companion instead of leaving them boarded up and spending tons of money doing so. So are you planning on traveling with your pet? You just need to follow these safety tips!

Traveling With A Pet Isn’t Easy

Dog in the back of a car. Traveling with your pet?

When the idea of taking a long road trip with your furbaby comes up it sounds like a great idea. However, when you actually travel with your pet you might find that it isn’t as easy as you thought. You have to remember they are animals and they might get nervous or anxious on the trip.

One way to stress out animals of all types is to put them in a situation where they are around strange people, in unfamiliar environments, have all types of new smells, and sounds that can be very stressful to them. Air travel can be extremely stressful too, but today we are going to focus on traveling in your vehicle.

After all of that, there are also those animals that love car rides, love to travel, and will make your trip very easy for you. Even if your pet is making the trip easy on you, it’s your responsibility as the pet owner to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable for the entirety of your trip. If you don’t think you will be able to do those things, then it might be best to leave your furry friend behind for your next trip.

However, if you are sure you can make your pet’s trip as enjoyable as yours, be sure to make preparations ahead of time for your pet. This way you will both enjoy yourselves on the amazing trip that is about to come.

Here Are Some General Travel Tips When Taking Your Pet

This might sound like common sense, but these tips can save you and your pet a lot of heartache and money if you just follow them.

  • Make sure that your pet is microchipped. On top of the normal collar and tags, it is very helpful to have a microchip just in case your pet gets anxious and runs away. The microchip can help you find your lost pet in a hurry.
  • You should always make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations. But, it’s even more important when you are taking them on a trip. Don’t forget to make sure they have the proper flea, tick, and heartworm treatments as well.
  • Do your research on local veterinarians near the place you are traveling to. This is just another preparation tactic that will give you peace of mind and could end up saving your pet’s life if something happens. You should be able to locate local animal hospitals here.
  • Locate and bring your pet’s medical records, vaccine records, medications, and extra identification with you. This includes pictures of you two together. We know you probably have thousands on your phone.
  • Don’t forget to pack their back too. You will want water bowls for stops on the side of the road, extra collars, leashes, and lots of familiar toys. Don’t forget to bring lots of food as well. You might also want to bring bottled water or water you bottle from your own tap since that is what they are used to.
  • Treats, Treats, Treats! Don’t forget extra treats on top of the food and water.
  • Be sure to pack a human first aid kit and one you can use on your pet just in case.
  • NEVER forget that you cannot leave your pet in your car. Even if it doesn’t seem hot outside or if you aren’t going to be gone for long you still SHOULD NOT leave your pet in the car. This is an easy way for them to get a heatstroke which can be deadly.
  • Your pet relies on you to make sure they are safe. So, please follow these safety measures to keep your family friend safe.

Hotel Safety Tips When Traveling With Your Pet

The truth is if you are taking your pet with you on your vacation or your trip you will probably reserve an Airbnb, stay with a friend, or do something like camping. But, if you decide to stay in a pet-friendly hotel, we have some tips for you:

  • Be sure to bring a pet carrier or containment option. This way your pet, usually a dog, will feel secure if you leave them by themselves in the hotel room. This will also ensure that the hotel workers are safe as well if they decide to come into your room and don’t realize you have a pup. You can purchase soft crates at most pet stores.
  • Bring a few extra blankets that your pet is used to sleeping on. This can help your pet feel more comfortable in a new environment.
  • Even if your animal is potty trained and again this mostly applies to dogs, bring potty pads. If your pet is going to have an accident then a potty pad will give them a place to go. These can also come in handy if your dog likes to mark his or her territory.
  • To help avoid those awful stomach problems our pets can get, don’t let them take any treats or food from strangers or even the hotel if they have dog treats.
  • Stick to their routine as much as you possibly can. This is mainly their walking and eating routine. Changing things too much can be bad for your pet.

Before You Take A Roadtrip You Might Want To Sell Your Old Car And Buy A New One

Cars in a junk yard.
We really only buy whole cars. So, don’t bring us what you see above.

There are hundreds of other safety tips that we could discuss when it comes to traveling with your pet. But, the last thing we need to discuss is the safety of your car. Before you ever hit the road make sure that you have a car that is roadworthy. If you don’t and cannot afford one it’s best if you rent a car or simply do not go on the trip.

One thing you can do if you have a car that you don’t feel safe driving, but also don’t know what to do with, you can call us so we can purchase your car. Whether it’s a junk car or just a car that you consider junk and don’t want to deal with we will buy it.

We also run into situations where people have already bought their new car and just want to get their old car out of their driveway and calling us is the fastest way to do it, because we will come to pick it up from your house.

So, let’s keep everyone safe, including your pets by making sure you aren’t driving a car you shouldn’t be driving. This will also put some extra cash into your pocket before your trip and who can argue with extra cash. Just give us a call and we will come to pick up your car or if you can drive it to us that is an option as well.

We will give you cash for your car right on the spot without a bunch of hassle. Now the only thing you have to do is enjoy the time traveling with your pet.

Traveling With Your Pets FAQS

What Is The Best Way To Travel With Pets?

Traveling by car is generally the best way to travel with pets, because it puts them under the least amount of stress. For long, cross-country trips, consider requesting a sedative from your veterinarian.

Is it OK to take dogs on long drives?

Taking your pets along on a road trip is a great way to avoid the trauma and expense of boarding your dogs or cats. But traveling long distances in a car isn't so easy for all animals. Experts suggest taking your pets on shorter trips first to get them accustomed to traveling in a car.

How Long Can A Dog Be In A Car For Road Trip?

Two hours is a good rule of thumb for stopping on a long road trip, but your dog or cat can stretch that time out, especially if it's traveling in a pet carrier or crate. Your dog or cat should always be secured by a seat belt while traveling by car.

Is It Stressful For A Dog To Travel In Car?

Whether you're planning a long road trip with your favorite pup, or simply trying to get them to the dog park, a car ride can be very stressful for both of you if your dog experiences car anxiety.

Can A Dog Stay In A Car For 2 Hours?

It's generally safe to leave your dog in the car for a maximum of five minutes, and when the outside temperature is above freezing and below 70 degrees. Here are other tips to safely leave your dog in the car: During daylight hours, crack a window and park in a shady spot.

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