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We pay cash for your junk car like this black one.

If you have read through our website, including our blog posts then you know that if you are ready to get rid of that junk car sitting in your driveway, Junk Cars For Cash will buy your car and we will come to get it from your property for free after we’ve spoken on the phone. So yes! We Pay Cash For Your Car In St. Louis.

How Do I Know It’s Time To Sell My Junk Car In St. Louis, Missouri

  • You are spending more fixing it than it’s worth.
  • Your car is in bad condition. It might just be sitting in your driveway taking up space.
  • A dealership won’t give you anything for trade-in.
  • You have an older model vehicle that isn’t worth much money, to begin with.
  • You have wrecked your car and it will cost you too much for the repairs.
These are just a few of the ways to know it’s time to sell your junk car to Junk Cars For Cash. Please feel free to call Steve today to get a quote on the car that you would like to sell to us.

We Pay You Cash For Your Cars In St. Louis, MO So You Can Do Fun Things

A wrecked car on the street. We pay cash for your car in St. Louis.

Living in St. Louis you know that there are plenty of things to do which means you need good transportation and money to do those things. If it’s some extra cash you need or room in your driveway for your new car we can help.

We know that you want to get around in a new reliable car to visit things like the St. Louis Arch, go to a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game, or attend one of the many arts and cultural events happening in St. Louis on a weekly basis.

Don’t forget the great dining experiences you might be missing in the different neighborhoods in the city. From University City to Clayton, South City, or Benton Park there are many things to do. If you are bogged down by an old car that you are always putting money into for repairs or if your junk car is just taking up space in your driveway, we know you don’t want to deal with it.

Junk Cars For Cash knows that you are a busy person and living in St. Louis you have a lot of things you can be doing. When it comes to selling your junk car, we will make that one less thing you need to worry about as our process is simple. It will not take up much of your time and your car will no longer take up wasted space in your driveway.

After we discuss your car and come to a deal you will get cash money on the spot and your old car will be out of your hands so you can worry about doing the fun things St. Louis has to offer.

How Much Money Will It Cost Me To Get A Quote?

Believe it or not, it’s free to get a quote, so it will not cost you a dime. Junk Cars For Cash offers you free quotes and free vehicle removal in the St. Louis area. Give us a call today to receive a quote over the phone and we will go from there. If we can come to a deal you will receive your money in minutes.
If you have any questions about the process you can also contact us to help you figure out if selling your junk car is right for you.

How Secure Is Your Car Buying Process?

The short answer is yes our process is secure. You don’t have to worry about placing an ad in the newspaper or on Craiglist or one of those annoying Facebook groups. All of that requires you to give your name and address to an unlimited amount of total strangers.

At Junk Cars For Cash, our professionals will only get your personal information after a quote has been made, we are professional and do not share your information. We keep your personal information secure and our service for picking up your vehicle is always very quick.

Computer Keyboard with red key that says SECURE. How Secure Is Your Car Buying Process?

Remember It’s Best Not To Wait Too Long To Sell Your Junk Car

You never want to wait until it’s too late to sell your car. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were driving in the middle of the night and just so happened to end up in the wrong neighborhood when your car died? Sometimes we like to have some fun, head to the East Side, and catch a show, but what happens if you waited too long to sell your junk car and you get stranded there at 4 am?

How are you going to get home and what are you going to do with your car that is now stranded there?

It might be hard to find an Uber driver on the East Side at 4 am. But, if you think ahead and know that it’s time to sell your junk car you can prevent that whole scenario by giving Junk Cars For Cash a call and selling your car to a St. Louis junk car buyer before it breaks down and puts you into a bad situation.

What sounds better to you? Selling your junk car to a St. Louis junk car buyer or driving it until it breaks down and you are stuck in a bad situation. Let’s face it sitting in rush hour traffic on 270 or 64 can be nerve-racking if you aren’t sure if your car is going to make it or not.

What Happens When We offer You Cash For Your Junk Car Here In St. Louis

First, we are going to evaluate your vehicle. Of course, before we actually buy your junk car we will need to have a conversation and take a look at the car. We usually make a verbal agreement on the phone based on your description. But, the offer can change once we actually see the condition of the car.

Don’t worry we buy some really junky cars, so there is a good chance that you will be getting some cash for your clunker. Here in St. Louis, we have seen it all when it comes to junk cars and yours won’t be any worse.

Second, we will make you an offer on the phone most of the time. Again the offer can change once we see the vehicle, but that is the initial step and will get the ball rolling. If the offer is something we are both comfortable with then the next step is for us to see and hopefully pay you for the car. We will usually come to you on the same day that you call and take a look at the car.

Third, you either drive your car to us or we will come tow it away at no cost. If you have ever used a tow truck you know that the service isn’t cheap. But, in this case, we cover the cost. So, not only do we pay you for your car, but we also drive to you and will remove your car from your property as long as you are in the St. Louis area.

We will usually come after hours or on the weekends too, but if not we will see you first thing Monday morning.

To Go Over Things Again – How Does Junk Cars For Cash Work?

The Junk Cars For Cash Process Infographic

Again, Junk Cars For Cash in St. Louis offers the fastest and easiest service when it comes to buying your junk car and removing it from your property if needed. In the end, everyone ends up happy. You have cash in your pocket and we take the junk car off of your hands.

Some Of The Things That Set Us Apart From The Competition

  • We buy new and used cars.
  • We pay cash for junk cars.
  • The prices we pay are fair and above the market value.
  • We will come to you and tow your vehicle away.
  • We buy the cars in as-is condition.
  • We value you as a customer and don’t ask you to do any work.
  • We will buy cars that do not run.

Why Should I Sell My Car To Junk Cars For Cash In St. Louis?

We offer a quick and easy process so that selling your car is not a hassle. The basic process goes like this.

You give us a call and we buy your junk car. There aren’t too many cars that we won’t purchase which means we will buy your old junk car that isn’t running or a newer car that you just don’t want any longer. If your car isn’t running, we come to get it from your property or where it might have broken down. This easy approach to buying junk cars is our way of making our customers satisfied so you will tell your friends about us.

There is no need for you to make an ad on Facebook, Craigslist, The Neighborhood App, Twitter posts, or even your local St. Louis newspaper. We also don’t want you to waste your time trying to find a buyer. It’s very time-consuming when you have multiple people contacting you to come to look at the car and then half of the time they will just waste your time and not purchase your car.

With Junk Cars For Cash, all you need to do is call us today and you will have your car sold in minutes. We make the process of selling your junk car easy and it can even be an enjoyable experience.

So, why choose us? It’s so you don’t waste your free time putting in work to sell a junk car. All of the work you need to do is to place a phone call to us and let us handle everything else. At the end of the day, you get paid without all of the stress.

If you are in the St. Louis area give us a call and stop worrying about that car that you know you need to get rid of. And always remember we pay cash for your car in St. Louis. Be sure to tell your friends.

We Pay cash For Your Car In St. Louis FAQs

Whats The Most You Can Get For A Junk Car?

Current junk car prices in 2022 range from $50 and $15,000, but heavily depend on multiple factors. In most cases, the average price for junk vehicles falls within the $100 – $500 range.

Can You Junk A Car Without A Title In Missouri?

A scrap metal operator may purchase a motor vehicle over 10 years of age or motor vehicle parts without obtaining an original certificate of title, salvage title or a Junking Certificate from the seller, by completing a Bill of Sale for Scrap Metal Operators (Form 5423).

How Much Is My Wrecked Car Worth?

The percentage can vary depending on the insurance company but, it is typically 75 % of market value. Multiply the car's current market value determined earlier by 0.25 (1.00 minus 0.75) to find the salvage value of your car.

When Should I Scrap My Car?

If your car is worth more as a non-runner, then it's probably time to consider sending it to scrap. Many people find themselves spending increasingly large amounts of money on repairing their vehicle the longer they have it, and eventually those costs start to amount to a higher number than the car is actually worth.

What Makes A Car Totalled?

A car is generally considered totaled when the cost to repair the car exceeds the value of the car.

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