Do You Buy Cars From Illinois? That’s One Of The Biggest Questions We Get!

That has to be one of the more common questions that we get here at Junk Cars For Cash. Since we are located on the Missouri side of the river in St. Louis people always want to know if we will buy a car that is located, titled, licensed in Illinois.

The Answer Is MAYBE. We Will Buy Cars From Illinois If You Can Get Them To Us!

The only caveat is that we will not come to you to pick the car up. If you live in Illinois and want to sell us your car, then you will need to either drive it here or find a way for your car to get to us. If your car isn’t drivable you can have it towed to us. But, you need to weigh the cost and decide if it’s worth it to you to do something like that for us to get your car.

So again we will buy your car if you live in Illinois, however, we will not come to pick it up from you. It’s simply not cost effective for us to be driving across the bridge a few times a day to pick up cars which is why we ask that you drive them to us. If the car isn’t drivable then it’s probably not worth it to you or to us. That is another reason we don’t go that far to retrieve cars.

Do you buy cars from Illinois is one of the biggest questions we get. The answer is maybe.

Most of the junk cars that we purchase here in St. Louis are just a few miles from us in any direction. This allows for us to easily go pick up the car and it doesn’t take that much time out of our day to do that. Buying your junk cars for cash means that we will give you cash, but don’t forget that it has to be worth it for us too. So if you live in Illinois and you are wondering if we come there to pick up cars. The answer is NO. But, if you can drive the car to us we definitely buy cars from Illinois.


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