If you are wondering how easy it is to get cash for your junk cars, here is the simple process you can follow to make sure you get the largest amount of money for your vehicle:

Our Process

If you ever needed to know the process of getting rid of your junk car for cash, now you know.

  1. Take an inventory of your vehicle. This means you should make a determination on just how junky your car is. A junk car is usually a car that is so banged up or beyond repair that it makes more sense to sell it and start over instead of trying to repair it. Be sure to write down the parts that you think are good on your vehicle, such as tires. This way when you call Junk Cars For Cash, you can give us a more detailed overview of your car, which consists of the good and bad things.
  2. Use Kelly Blue Book or something like KBB to get a price on your car using the condition that you really think it’s in. You must know that the amount of money that you will be offered is going to be much less than Kelly Blue Book. It’s a good idea to do this a couple of times, setting your car to pristine or good and see the amounts you could get for it in those perfect conditions. This is more of a guide for you to have an idea of all of your options.
  3. Find your title! As stated before we can and will take cars without a title, but it’s not something that we enjoy doing. Mainly, because you need a way to prove the car is yours and when you receive the money you can then sign the title over, which will get it out of your hands.
  4. Don’t forget to remove all of your personal items. Some things are easy to overlook, like a pair of sunglasses above your gear shifter or a CD in the CD player. Be sure to go over your car 2 or 3 times and don’t leave anything behind. Especially don’t forget your license plates. You can forget them very easily, but they are important to take with you and not leave on your junk car.
  5. Be sure to know the Missouri law about relinquishing your junk car for the money, before you decide to do it.
  6. Call us up at (314) 621-2104 to set up an estimate and a time for us to meet you for pickup.
  7. While you are on the phone you can ask as many questions as you would like. Figure out what paperwork you need and what you will need to do next.
  8. We will always give you the highest dollar amount for your car, so there is no need for you to compare other salvage yards or to worry that you are not getting the best value from us.
  9. You can drive your car to us, but there is no need because we offer a free pickup service and come within 2 to 24 hours.
  10. When you have your cash in hand and have signed the appropriate paperwork you need to go to the DMV and relinquish your plates and make sure your registration is canceled.

Please Contact Us By Calling As We Will Get Back To You Quicker!

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