Sell Your Junk Car In St. Louis Today

If you live in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, we will buy your junk car. We also run our own towing service so we will come to you and we always pay top dollar. We also pay in cash and don’t worry, just because we are coming to you to tow your car away, that’s on us. You never have to worry about paying us to haul off the cars we buy, because it’s a free service we offer to you. Sell your junk car today.

It doesn’t matter which part of the St. Louis area you are from. Will come to you in South City all the way to the suburbs, if you are in the St. Louis area then you are never too far away. If you add everything up, we are close to you, we always pay top dollar for your car and we pay in cash, we tow your car away… FOR FREE! Oh and don’t forget, we buy everything that is out there including, but not limited to:

  • Ugly cars
  • No Keys, No Problem
  • Vehicles with water damage
  • No tires — We will still buy it
  • Vehicles that are too expensive for you to repair
  • All cars whether they are running or not
  • Do you have a wrecked or totaled vehicle? We will buy it
  • No Title? We will buy it
  • Vehicles collecting parking tickets

Most St. Louisan’s are usually shocked at the amount of cash that we pay for unwanted or junked out cars. We aren’t new at this, we have been buying junk cars in the St. Louis area for many years now. Our equipment allows us to be efficient which helps us pay more than our competitors in and around St. Louis.

If you have a junk car and need to get rid of it, we are the place for you. We buy junk cars in St. Louis, Missouri. Call us (314) 621-2104.

Since we own our own fleet of top of the line tow trucks, our own tools, employ certified mechanics and continue to have great relations with St. Louis used auto part suppliers, auto wreckers, and junkyards you get more cash for your junk car. Feel free to call our competitors, but we will always provide the best price, faster service and provide the courtesy you deserve as a customer of ours.

Please Contact Us By Calling As We Will Get Back To You Quicker!

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