Junk Cars For Cash is located in St. Louis, MO and we do offer a free pickup service as long as you are reasonably located. We do accept cars from the state of Illinois, however, we will not go there to pick your vehicle up. If you would like to sell your car from Illinois, please call us first, this way we can discuss whether we are interested in your car or not. It is then up to you to get your vehicle to us here in Missouri.

Call Us To Help Sell Your Car To Us From Illinois

Again, we love doing business with people in Illinois, however, we do not have the manpower to go and pick up every single car. One of the areas we are not able to pick up from is the state of Illinois.

If you are located on the Illinois side of the river and want to sell us your car, please call us and we should be able to work out a deal as long as you are able to drive it or get it to us one way or the other. Please understand we are busy picking up cars all day from areas that are much closer to us and located inside of the St. Louis metropolitan area which means going all of the way to Illinois takes a lot of time out of our day and sometimes it’s just not worth it. It’s especially not worth it when the car isn’t capable of running. But, if it can drive to us, then the car is most likely worth us taking a look at and making a deal for.

For Quick Service And Answers To Your Questions Please Call Us At (314) 621-2104